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Brake service

Exceptional Service for Vehicle Repair in the Niagara Region

Since 2008, Walter Fast’s Auto Service has been providing the Niagara Region with exceptional quality service for all make and model cars. We do our best to explain your car repair or maintenance requirement to you. Whether you have a major repair on a brake, exhaust or front end system, or simply need an oil change, we are happy to answer any questions you may have about your car’s maintenance or repair.


  • Front end

    • Steering system

    • Tie-rods

    • Wheel alignment

    • Shocks

  • Brakes

    • Braking system

    • Brake pads

    • Rotors

    • Drums

  • Engine repair

    • Gasket

    • Water pumps

  • Exhaust

    • Catalytic converters

    • Headers

    • Mufflers

    • Tubing

  • Preventative maintenance

    • Oil changes

    • Radiator flushing

    • Brake fluid

    • Transmission

  • Vehicle tune-up

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